Where did we come from?

EighteenTwentyThree was envisioned long ago but conceived on Tuesday 5.31.17 at the Clearwater Mellow Mushroom (where all great things are created and inspiring Mighty Meaty pizzas are consumed. Our formal apologies to all vegetarian bloggers.)

The movement began out of great need: the need for college students and early young career seekers to have a community of purpose in their diverse and ever-changing world.

The creators of EighteenTwentyThree have grounded that purpose in the living Words of our unchanging Almighty God. From this truth the mission is formed:

1.) Take time. Be alone or be together. Regardless, spend some time to think, pray, listen and reflect. Restore your soul.

2.) Go out. We are not made to be idle. You are called to have an impact on people and in places within your circle of influence. So go with purpose, intention, and strategy.

3.) Strengthen disciples. Contribute to other lives. Encourage. Give to the point of sacrifice. Bolster another’s faith. Love with your words, your time and your actions.

You have a mission. You have a special calling during this season of life. Don’t miss it and don’t waste these years. Even if you have to stand alone, stand. Stand up for your generation and the impact you can make during these critical years.

So take time, go out, and strengthen disciples.


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